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Welcome to the ITO-Helpdesk!

What kind of assistance do we offer?

The IT Operations (ITO) maintaines the infrastructure of the Faculties of Computer Science and Mathematics and provides IT-Support for them. The Helpdesk is the first point of contact for questions to the ITO.

Mainly the helpdesk is responsible for problems with the hard- and software of the ITO, which includes 

  • the workspaces in the Rechnerhalle 
  • the workspaces in the offices 
  • the Xerox-Printers 
  • WLAN-problems within the Uni-Network 
  • VPN-Connection to the TUM 
  • set up of the ITO certificate
    Furthermore the helpdesk maintains two websites. The Wiki and the Knowledge Database which are continuously updated. Many answers for common questions can be found quickly in those articles.

On voluntary basis, and depending on our work amount, we try to answer other questions regarding private systems, to provide a good study and work environement for students and staff.

But we are not responsible for 

  • viruses 
  • hardware damage 
  • data transfer

on private systems.

Questions regarding central IT-Services like TUMOnline are the responsibility of the IT-Support.


Opening hours

Monday - Friday  08:00 - 18:00 Uhr.

1.Blackbox / Files

Everything that has to do with BlackBoxen and the filesystem.

1.1. Remote

1.1.1. Ssh Access

1.1.2. Ssh Login without password (SSH Key set up)

1.1.3. Data transfer between Rechnerhalle and a private Computer (Certificate, Pictures etc.)

1.1.4. Run programms so they don't terminate at the logout

1.1.5. Remote Desktop Access

1.1.6. Remote Desktop Access (Windows)

1.1.7. RStudio Server

1.2. On site

1.2.1. Log in to the computers

1.2.2. Re-install programms

1.2.3. Restoration of deleted data

1.2.4. Change access rights for your home directory

1.2.5. Teamviewer installieren

1.2.6. Install Dropbox on the black box 

2. Account

2.1. CIT (in.tum/ma.tum/cit.tum)

Information on hosting and overview of your CIT account.

2.1.1. Account Information (Student/Coworker/Guest)

2.1.2. Change the password of the CIT-Credentials

2.1.3. Find out the password of the CIT-Credentials

2.1.4. Reset the password of ITO-Credentials yourself / Activate the ITO Account

2.1.5. Reset password of the ITO-Credentials

2.1.6. Change access rights for your home directory

2.1.7. Create your own website

2.1.8. My name has changed. Can I change my CIT-Credentials?

2.1.9. Account after Exmatrikulation / End of Service/ End of Study

2.1.10. Request of in.tum/ma.tum/cit.tum Credentials for Non-Informatics / Non-Mathematics

2.2. TUM-Online (LRZ- Credentials)

2.2.1. Apply for LRZ-Login for guests and external student assistants

2.2.2. Personal Identification Number (PIN) for TUMonline 

2.2.3. Reset Password for LRZ-Credentials

2.2.4. TUM account after Exmatriculation/ End of Employment/ End of Study

3. E-Mail

3.1. CIT (in.tum/ma.tum/cit.tum)

All information about hosting and set up of CIT mail addresses.

3.1.1. How do I set up my CIT e-mail account?

3.1.2. Self-Service Portal: Forwarding, Vacation Message, other e-mail settings

3.1.3. Change of mail server settings due to mail server sender restrictions

3.1.4. How do I set up the CIT LDAP address book?

3.1.5. Shared folder in the CIT domain

3.1.6. Shared Folder (gemeinsames Postfach)(Informatik)

3.1.7. Function Address (Mathematik)

3.1.8. CIT e-mail account after exmatriculation/ end of employment/ end of study

3.1.9.Save the message as a .eml file

3.2. TUM (LRZ)

3.2.1. How to set up an e-mail account?

3.2.2. TUM Exchange

3.2.3. TUM Address book

3.2.4. TUM e-mail account after exmatriculation/ end of employment/ end of study

3.2.5. Shared Mailbox at the TUM

4. Certificates

4.1. General Information about the certificates and encryption

4.2. Certificate request, download

4.3. Group certificate request, download

4.4. ITO Certificate set up, extend

4.5. Export TUM/ITO certificate

4.6. Set up TUM/ITO certificate on a mobile device

4.7. Digital signature with certificate

4.8. Validation of digital signature

5. Printing

All Information about the Xerox Printers.

5. General Information about the Xerox Printers

5.1. Printing for Students

5.1.1. Printing in the Rechnerhalle with FollowMe

5.2.2. Print from the web on Qpilot

5.1.3. Printing Thesis, Seminar, etc

5.1.4. Scan to USB-Stick with the XEROX Work Centre 7835

5.2. Printing for Employees (Followme/Qpilot)

5.2.1. FollowMe: Driver installation and setup

5.2.2. Print from the web on Qpilot

5.2.3. Xerox-Printer Card registration

5.2.3. Xerox-Drucker Kartenregistrierung

5.2.4. Collect your prints from Xerox Work Centre 7835 

5.2.5. Copy with XEROX Work Centre 7835

5.2.6. Print from USB-Stick with XEROX Work Centre 7835

5.2.7. Scan to USB-Stick with XEROX Work Centre 7835

5.2.8. Xerox - Printer locations

6. Ordering Software

All information about ordering Software within the master contracts (Matlab, Microsoft, us.).

6.1. Matlab

6.1.1. Matlab rights overview

6.1.2. Installing Matlab (Students/Employees)

6.1.3. Installing Matlab (Guests)

6.2.  Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (Students / Employees)

6.2.1. 'Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching' replaces Microsoft Imagine

6.2.2. Instructions for Microsoft Azure portal products

6.3. MS Campus EES (Employees)

6.3.1. Instructions for MS Campus EES products (Office and Windows) 

6.3.2. Activate Telnet with Windows 7 and Windows 10

6.3.3. Iso Files / Burn images on DVD

6.4. Other software products

6.4.1. Adobe Pro

6.4.2. Origin

6.4.3. Thinkcell

7. Network / Internet

All information about Network connections and the Internet within the FMI Building.

7.1. Wlan

7.1.1. WLAN (Eduroam)

7.1.2. eduVPN

7.1.3. VPN Chair (Employees only)


7.2.1. Using LAN-Cabel in the Rechnerhalle/FMI-Study rooms

7.2.2. Informatics Proxy

7.2.3. Request an IP Address (Employees ONLY(Contact your Struktur-DB - administrator)

8. Other

8.1. Matrix Chat

8.2. Big Blue Button

8.3. Instructions for the ITO order form (only for employees of the faculties of Informatics and Mathematics)

8.4. Set Up Network drive 

8.5. Set Up Nextcloud Calendar

8.6. The New Award Note (VGV)

8.7. Change the Samba-password (Access on User directory via Windows) 

8.8. Sieve rules for the e-mail-filtering

8.9. Time Machine Backup

8.10. Linux Borg Backup

10. Frequently asked questions

Instructions on how to fix common errors and problems.

9.1. Thunderbird/ Firefox doesn't start anymore

9.2. BlackBox login screen stops session 

11. Security

Instructions on how to fix malware problems

10.1. Ransomware: WannaCry

10.2. Windows Updates