Shared Folder in IN Domain

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How can I use the IN Shared folder ?

1. Important Informations

1.1. What is a Shared Folder?

A Shared Folder is a common e-mail Inbox, that can be used for projects with multiple collegues. Every project participant can access the shared folder and incoming E-Mails can be saved in the Inbox of the shared folder.

1.2. Where can I find the Shared Folder?

The shared folder can be found in the inbox folder of your own Informatics e-mail account. The path to the folder is INBOX.shared.projectname.inbox

1.3. How can I apply for a Shared Folder?

The employee trying to access the shared folder should contact with the following information:

  • Project e-mail address
  • in.tum e-mail address of the employee

1.4. We don't have an e-mail address for the project, how can we apply for it?

The same way as in point 1.3, i.e. send an e-mail to . Please make sure, the abbreviation of your chair is included in the e-mail address prior to the project name. (e.g.

1.5. For which e-mail accounts can i apply for a shared folder?

Only the Informatic account is elligible for shared folders. Employees of the mathematics faculty can apply for a funtional address.

You can find additional information in our wiki.

1.6. Can I still create further sub folders?

Yes, they will be displayed in the Inbox folder of your shared folder. (e.g. INBOX.shared.projectname.inbox.TestFolder)

1.7. Can I delete sub folders?

No, it is not possible for members of the project to delete sub folders directly. If a sub folder is no longer needed, please contact the systemgroup of the ITO via e-mail ( in order for the folder to be deleted.

2. Create Subfolder for Shared Folder in Thunderbird

 In order to to create a new subfolder for all group member, right-click on the desired folder und click on New Subfolder.


 Enter the desired name of the subfolder and click on Create Folder


3.Subscribe to Shared Folder

3.1. Thunderbird

 In order to see a subfolder of a shared folder, that was created by another person, it is necessary to subscribe to the folder. To do so in Tunderbird, right-click on the E-Mail Adress of the E-Mailaccount and click on subscribe.



 Now all folders and subfolders of the selected E-Mailaccount should be listed. Click on the folder you want to subscribe to and then on subscribe.

  • If the checkmark ✓ is set, the folder is now subscribed to.


  • Finally, click on OK in order to confirm the selected changes. The folder should now be visible in Tunderbird.


3.2. Webmail

Log on to / de and click on the settings at the top of the tab.


Then you will see the folder settings on the left. Click on Folders and then check the box on the right for folders to be displayed or subscribed to on Webmail.


4. Set folder for sent E-Mails of Shared Folder

 When using Thunderbird, it is possible to have the sent E-Mails of a shared folder saved in a specific sub-folder of the shared folder.

  • The following steps and screenshots show, how to set this up.

4.1. Write a new E-Mail and click on Account Settings


4.2. Add new Identity



  • Enter the E-Mailadress of the group or the project here, for example like it is shown in the screenshot below.


4.3. Select a folder for the Sent E-Mails

 The next step is to edit the identity by clicking on Edit.


  • Choose Copies & Folders in the new window.


  • Choose the folder in which you want to have the sent E-Mails saved.
  • Now confirm with OK. E-Mails sent with the new identity ( will now be saved in the chosen folder.


General information:

 In our example, the subfolder for sent E-Mails was also named \"Sent E-Mails\" (german: Gesendete Mails). The folder can be called anything you choose or an already existing folder can be chosen as well. You can find steps on how to create a folder here.

  • If another person has created the subfolder, all other users must subscribe to this folder, otherwise it will not be visible for them.
  • In our example the shared folder is called \"reisebue\" in the folder \"shared\". In case multiple shared folders are used, all of them will be shown as sub folder of the \"shared\" folder.

 If the E-Mailadress of the the group/project is selected as the sender adress, the sent E-Mail will be saved in the set subfolder of the shared folder.


How to subscribe to a shared folder is explained here.

5. Apply for a certificate for a Shared Folder (group certificate)

Here you will find all information about the certificate for shared folders.

6. Frequent Problems, when creating a Shared Folder

  • Why can I see see sub folders that I have unsubscribed in my folder list?

Refresh the list, by clicking on the triangle next to the subfolder to close and expand the list again. Now, all folder that were created and have not yet been deleted will be shown.

  • Why can't I see the shared folder anymore?

From time to time subscriptions can be bugged. A first and easy way to solve the problem would be to unsubscribe and the re-subscribe to to folder. If this still does not work, check whether the folder is visible on and contact your administrator.

  • Why cant' I see the folder  TestFolder , that we created?

If the folder is not subscribed to, it will not be visible. How to subscribe to a folder is explained in the article above. When choosing the subscribed folders, make sure that the checkmark next to the desired shared folder is actually set. If this is not the case, the folder is not subscribed to and will not be visible.

Our Wiki-page gives further informationen regarding shared folders.