E-Mail-Addresses for Projects

Last modified by Jonas Jelten on 2024/01/11 16:09

Project Addresses are used to deliver Mail to (potentially) multiple recipients.


  • Contact address for a work group
  • A post with a changing person of duty
  • Group communication

The RBG offers two solutions for that:

  • Shared Folder: Synchronized mail folder
  • Mailinglist: Mail duplicated to all recipients

Your chair administrator or the ITO (support@ito.cit.tum.de) can help you choosing the best option.

Shared Folder


  • Mail reception via project-related mail address
  • Storage of the mails in a shared, synchronized directory structure
  • Access to the mail directory using your personal CIT-Accounts (with IMAP)
  • Deletion or movement of mail synchronized to all participants
  • Added participants can see all past mail

New members are added to the shared folder by the ITO systems group or your chair administrator.

For the math department, the shared folder was previously named 'function address'.


 Project mail is stored in a subdirectory in your personal IMAP inbox: INBOX.shared.projectname.Eingang

  • You can create subdirectories below the Eingang inbox, but they can only be deleted by the ITO systems group (to prevent accidential deletions).

In case the shared folder is not visible in your mailclient, (e.g. Thunderbird), you have to restart it.

Further guidelines by the Helpdesk: SharedFolderIN


Members of the shared mailbox need to add a new account in the mail client (e.g.. Thunderbird, Outlook):

  • Add new IMAP account
  • Mail address of the account: projectname@ma.tum.de (used as sender address)
  • Server name: mail.ma.tum.de
  • Username: mathaccount@projectname
  • Passwort: Math account password

Access via Webmail:



  • Mail reception via project-related mail address
  • The mail is duplicated and delivered to each recipient individually
  • New members can't access old mail
  • Mail deletion does not affect other members

Chair administrators can edit the mailinging list (to add or remove members).

Received mail can be sorted into a subdirectory in your inbox automatically: UCentral.

Please contact your chair administrator or the RBG helpdesk (support@ito.cit.tum.de) in case of problems.


OTRS is a open source ticket system. support@ito.cit.tum.de mail is redirected into our OTRS instance.

A ticket system may be beneficial, if:

  • task progress is managed by multiple participants
  • responsibilities are unambiguous
  • tasks have states such as 'done'...

To participate in the TUM-OTRS, please contact the TUM IT service center: it-support@tum.de