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Modify access rights on own files / home directory

1. General

Every student has a folder, which can be accessed via /u/halle/$USER . 

 $USER is the ITO-Login, which was received from the Infopoint and is used to login into the computer hall. 

In this folder you can find different architectures like homeat for the Ubuntu VMs for the lxhalle.

In order to facilitate the collaboration of students, most of those folders can be accessed by other students.

Important folders like the home_mail and homesec are only visible and writeable by the active user.

These notes are explicitly valid only for the lxhalle.

2. Restrict access on own folders (Homepage will not be accessible)

More infomation about your own website: https://xwiki.rbg.tum.de/bin/view/Informatik/Helpdesk/EigeneHomepage 

Start the terminal in the lxhalle

chmod go-rwx `dirname $HOME

After using the following command

ls -ld `dirname $HOME`

the access rights should look like this:

drwx------ 10      tumuser   10 2011-07-05 16:46

3. Restrict access on all own folders except home_at

In order to make the homepage accessible, the folders /u/halle/$USER and /u/halle/$USER/home_page need the Execute-permission cancel for other (o).
This can be achieved as follows: 

Start the terminal in the lxhalle


After using the following commands


the access rights should look like this: