Collect the prints from the Xerox Print Center

Last modified by Thomas Walter Erbesdobler on 2023/07/06 16:10

You can collect the print from any new Xerox device. If the device currently occupied or defective, you can use another one.

1. Log In

Pass your card over the card reader of the print device, if  you are using the device for the first time, Registration is required


2. Choose all prints


Alternatively, if you do not want to print everything, or you want  to review the list of documents before printing, select instead of Print All  Print job list


mark the documents you want to print. The selected documents are indicated by a black tick,then select  Print. If you want to delete the print jobs without printing them, select Delete  instead.

3. Printing  is done


4. Log out

You can log out either by using the card again, by selecting the logout button or you will be log out  automatically after a few seconds.