Apply for the Client Certificate

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How can I apply for a Client Certificate?

0. General Information on TUM Informatics and Mathematics Certificates

With a certificate, you can visit certain websites or even send and read encrypted E-Mails. The certificate can also be used to digitally sign files. You can find more information about certificates on our wiki page.

For the installation, the passphrase is needed since the certificate is encrypted. After getting your passphrase, your certificate can be found at

1. Where do I request the user certificate?

Employees, guests, and students of CIT faculties can request the certificate via

Note: If you are from another faculty, you can find more information about applying for the TUM certificate here.

2. How do I request for the user-certificate?

Log in with


Select the Certificate option on the left. 


Click on the (+) symbol to Request a certificate.


In the next step, select Standard mode and click on Apply.


Then click Continue. Next, you will see the passphrase of the certificate.


Next, save the passphrase and click Continue again. With this step you have applied for the certificate.

You will shortly receive an email informing you that you have applied for the certificate.

In about 5-10 minutes you will receive an email that your certificate has been issued.

Please refresh this webpage from time to time so that you can see the current status and download your certificate.


You can download your certificate with the private key in the SSP as shown in the screenshot.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us by email at


3. How long is the certificate valid and how do I renew it?

The certificate is valid for approximately one year from the expiry date of the old certificate.

Before the validity expires, you will usually be notified by e-mail.

If the certificate expires, you can apply for a new certificate via the SSP Portal