Software auf der Blackbox installieren

Last modified by Aysegül Omus on 2023/10/23 12:56

What do I have to do to install program xyz on to a computer in the Rechnerhalle?

Here is explained, how you can install software onto the pcs in the computer pool.

To begin with it is to be determined if the software is required on Windows or Ubuntu. Because there are no administration rights on the blackboxes you can only install software that does not require those.

1. Can I install it myself?

You can install python modules with pythons own package management pip while using the the --user Flag to install it into your home directory.

For example:


Those modules stay in your home directory until you uninstall them and also transfer with you when you change the workplace.

You can also compile software yourself as long as it does not need administration right(sudo, su) to run it should work. Often there are also precompiled versions that you can just run.

Installing software using Windows is harder, because most do need administrations rights. You can try if the installer does not need them or look for a portable version of the software.

As last resort you can always setup a virtual machine with Virtual Box(installed on every BlackBox) and install it there.

2. I need that software installed onto the blackbox? What should I do?

If you need the software for example for a tutorial or course you can write an email to, including the following:

  • Which software in which version is needed?
  • Reason why you need it
  • optional: alternative software that would fulfill the needs

On Ubuntu the software can be added in about 2-3 weeks. On windows just to the start of the next semester.

Tutorial instructors should apply for necessary software before the semester starts. After examination of the request the software may be available after the next update.