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Self Service Portal E-Mail Settings

1. Login

Login takes place with ITO (in.tum/ma.tum/cit.tum) credentials on If you have a valid certificate, you can click on Login below and log in with the certificate.

login englisch.png

2. Select Mailbox or Shared Folder

You can change the e-mail settings for different mailboxes or shared folders in the SSP Portal. These are displayed in the drop-down menu. Please make sure you first select the mailbox you want before making any changes.


3. Email Delivery Settings (standard mode)

3.1. Redirection

Upon selection of Email Delivery Settings -> Standard from the menu on the left, following changes can be made in the Redirection tab:

3.1.1. No redirection

If you don't want to activate the email forwarding, choose Do not redirect email.

donotredirectmails.png Redirect all mails

If you pick this option, emails will be forwarded only to the address specified in the field below without sending a copy to your ITO (in.tum/ma.tum/cit.tum) account.

redirectallmails.png Redirect all mail and save a copy in the mailbox, too

If you want your emails to be sent both to your ITO address and the one you've entered, this option should be selected.


3.2. Vacation

If the out-of-office notification is activated, an automatic reply will be sent to everyone, who's sent an email to this ITO (in.tum/ma.tum/cit.tum) address.

In order to set this function up, check the Send automatic replies box. You should then define the beginning and the end of your leave and enter your vacation message. Finally, click on Save so that the changes are taken into effect.


4. Email Delivery Settings (advanced mode)

To do this, select Email delivery options -> Advanced in the menu on the left. Sieve rules are used for these settings. Further information can be found here.



a)I tested this function by sending myself an email, but i did not receive a vacation message. How come?

Under the box where you can enter a vacation message are listed all the email addresses that will issue an auto-reply if a message to one of the given addresses is received.

In this case, if you send yourself an email, say, from your @in.tum address to the same @in.tum address or one of the other aliases (, etc), this will create an endless loop of messages being sent. Our system prevents this from happening and that is exactly the reason why you don't get a vacation message when testing.

So, if you want to test this function, you must use another address (,, @gmail, etc.)

b)What if the same person contacts me more than once? Does she get the out-of-office email every time she tries?

Normally, each sender only receives such a reply once within 24 hours.

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