FAQ zu den Mailaccounts

Last modified by Aysegül Omus on 2024/02/09 14:37

How do I get a CIT ID for cit.tum.de?

Every person who has a math or computer science ID automatically has a CIT ID.

I would like to have my e-mail delivered to mail.cit.tum.de and not somewhere else as before. How do I do this?

If you are new to the institute, the ID is usually set up so that e-mails are sent to mail.cit.tum.de. However, it can also be sent to a departmental mail server on request. To change this, please contact the IT Operations helpdesk or support@ito.cit.tum.de.

I have forgotten my password. Who can help me?

If you do not know the password for your CIT ID, you can reset your password.You can find instructions on how to do this in our wiki.

Which protocols can I use to access my e-mail account?

With IMAP or with POP3. IMAP is preferable. Both are also offered in the corresponding encrypted versions (SSL and TLS), which is highly recommended.

Is there webmail access?

IT Operations offers a webmail client. This can be accessed at webmail.ma.tum.de/webmail.in.tum.de. The webmail is secured by SSL.

Can I also use encryption for e-mail retrieval?

Yes, absolutely. Encryption should definitely be used for e-mails.

All my e-mails have suddenly disappeared! How do I get them back?

Was Netscape or Mozilla involved? The default settings in some versions are such that all emails are retrieved to the local machine and then deleted from the server. Then the mails are just lying around locally, and when you try it from another computer they seem to be gone. If this is not the case, please move on to the next question.

I have accidentally deleted a vital e-mail. Is it possible to recover it?

If an email needs to be recovered, please send an email to IT Operations with exact information about what is missing and when it was still there (exact date). Please do not wait too long, otherwise the e-mail may be permanently deleted.

How much e-mail can I leave on mail.in.tum.de? Is there a quota?

There is a general quota of 50 GByte. If the storage used reaches 90% of the quota, you will be notified automatically by e-mail. If you have used up your entire quota, you will not be able to receive any new e-mails. These will be returned to the sender as undeliverable.

How can I set up out-of-office notifications and forwarding?

Forwarding and out-of-office notifications are set up using the "Sieve" scripting language. Some scripts can be generated via a simple web interface using "User Central". You can find detailed instructions in our Wiki.

If you have any further questions or problems, please contact the ITO Helpdesk or send an e-mail to support@ito.cit.tum.de.