Last modified by Leo Fahrbach on 2024/07/18 17:24

You can find the website for VGV here.

If you work in an organizational unit that uses the notice of award and you need access to the VGV as a new employee, you should proceed as follows:

1- Your superior contacts the ITO so that we grant you access as we need his confirmation.

Note: If you are not authorized, you will get the error message:403 Error.
Sie haben keinen Zugriff auf die gewünschte Seite.
Betreff: Vergabevermerk - Error 403

2- You install the ITO certificate on your browser where you open the VGV page.

Note: The old certificate must be deleted in the browser. Otherwise you will get the error message on the screenshot below. You will see this error message if your certificate has expired and if you do not delete the old certificate from the browser, the browser will take over the old certificate and you will get this error message.


Here are detailed instructions on how to request and install the user certificate: