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think cell access and installation

Here it is described how to install think cell and general Info:

1. Functions

-think-cell chart:
Powerpoint add-in for the creation of professional business charts (e.g. waterfall, Mekko and Gantt charts)

-think-cell round:
Excel add-in for the consistent rounding of figures even in complex applications

-think-cell layout:
Powerpoint-Add-In for the quick creation of clear slide layouts from standard elements

2. Note on the period of validity

The license key is valid for 6 months and must then be renewed. Before the license expires, the users will be notified by the program with corresponding messages. You can view your new license key (and thus also the current key) in the Studisoft portal after logging in with your TUM ID under the menu item Order Tracking.

3. Software and associated license key

Before we start please close all Powerpoint and Excel files, now we will start the installation.

3.1. Studisoft login

Log in to the Studisoft portal with your TUM identifier .



Then select think-cell from the list of available products.


You will then be redirected to the corresponding download area.
Click on Next to the license confirmation.


Accept terms and conditions and continue clicking


click on Order free of charge.


The order is completed and the order number 20-0000000 is created. You will receive a confirmation at .

++++ Attention: Please keep this e-mail in a safe place, because you can only do this step once!

3.2  Download area

Go to your Tum e-mail account .click on the Studisoft portal link.

Screenshot (33).png

Then you are back on Studisoft .


Enter your TUM identification (mail address or in the download area


Click on think-cell again and then click on forward to external download/portal.


Download the software , there you write your mail address


You will then receive an e-mail from think-cell with an individually generated and time-limited download link for the software.
After clicking on the link, you will find yourself here .


Click on think-cell download now .

3.3. First Start

When starting Powerpoint or Excel for the first time after the installation of think-cell, you will be asked for the license key, which has to be entered at this point. See also the notes on installation and updating in the online documentation .