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Common mistakes

Instructions for fixing common errors and problems.

1. Firefox / Thunderbird does not start

If the message 'Firefox is already running but not responding' appears, open the console

(Applications → Accessories → Terminal Emulator) and enter the following command:
 Same thing for Thunderbird:

The scripts are located in /urs/local/dist/bin

2.BlackBox login screen immediately ejects from the session (no error message)

If you return to the login screen without an error message 'Incorrect Password, please try again', then you should check if the home directory is full. (up to 5GB)

In most cases, for example, it's a Dropbox folder.

There are the following options:


Connect via ssh to (eg scp, FileZilla), then into the desired directory
change and delete unnecessary data

 Direct at the black box:

Open terminal with CTRL + ALT + F1.

With the commands:

 #show the size of the current folder
du -hs .
#Show all folders in this directory with memory usage
du -hs *

you can see which directory has how much memory available.

Then switch to the desired directory and delete data that is no longer needed.

With Alt-F7 you come back to the login screen.