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Reset the passwort of the RBG-label

You can change your RBG (in.tum / ma.tum) password yourself if your RBG account is linked to your TUM account. I.e. If the entry tumuid exists in the StrukturDB. If this entry is not available, you will get an error message when changing the password. The responsible chair administrator can add this to employees. In the case of students, the RBG Helpdesk can enter them via video chat( after the identity check. Please write an email to The password change will then be possible.

Click on this link to change your forgotten RBG password or to activate your RBG account:

Write your RBG-label and select NO below. Then click on continue.

Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 17.20.56.png

You recieve an E-mail with your activation code on your TUM-Mail address. Write that code into the input field and click on continue.


Int the next step you have to accept the user guideline. Select \"I accept the user guidelines\" and click on generate. It will be generated a new, random passwort.


This passwort is your new one. Note this one and click on save.


The passwort was saved and your account activated. Below you can see your account information and the connected mail addresses.


This Wiki-instruction shows you how you can change your current RBG (in.tum / ma.tum) password.