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Creating your own homepage

This article explains how and where you can set up a homepage of your own on the university computers. Each informatics student has the opportunity to create one under the URL: http://home.in.tum.de/~//accountName///.

1. General information

 A worthwhile German website with a FAQ-section on setting up a homepage by Franz Prilmeier can be accessed here.

Important remark: https://xwiki.rbg.tum.de/bin/view/Informatik/Helpdesk/Zugriffsrechte. This wiki-page should be read thoroughly before the homepage creation so that potential risks are minimized.

2. Preparation

The \"index.html\" file for the home page is situated in the directory:


Following commands should be executed:

ssh <loginname>@lxhalle.in.tum.de%BR%%BR%mkdir -p $(dirname $HOME)/home_page/html-data%BR%%BR%touch $(dirname $HOME)/home_page/html-data/index.html%BR%%BR%chmod -v o+x $(dirname $HOME)%BR%%BR%chmod -v o+x $(dirname $HOME)/home_page%BR%%BR%chmod o+x $(dirname $HOME)/home_page/html-data%BR%%BR% chmod o+r $(dirname $HOME)/home_page/index.html

They ensure the generation of an empty \"index.html\" file and the correct setting of the access rights.

3. Generating HTML code

An abundance of HTML tutorials can be found on the Internet, one of them being w3schools. The previously generated index.html file should follow the following scheme:

<!DOCTYPE html>%BR%<html>%BR%%BR%<head>%BR%<title>Testpage</title>%BR%</head>%BR%%BR%<body bgcolor =#22ff00>%BR%%BR%<h1>Mykoooonos</h1>%BR%<p>So koennte ihre Webseite ausschauen.</p>%BR%%BR%</body>%BR%</html

After editting the file, the website can be accessed by calling http://home.in.tum.de/~//accountName///.

So könnte die Webseite aussehen

4. Apache Error Logfile

It's possible to inspect the error log of the Apache server, which may turn out to be quite useful during troubleshooting:

  • The file is saved on the computer home.in.tum.de which can be accessed via ssh ssh <Ihr_Login>@home.in.tum.de
  • The file path is /var/apache2/logs/error_log
  • Enter the following command to read: less /var/apache2/logs/error_log