Card registration on Xerox printers

Last modified by Fedi Abichou on 2023/07/05 16:25

TUM Legic cards (Student Card / PersonalCard / Mensa Card) can be associated with an ITO account in order to enable card login at the printers' card readers.

First-time card registration

In order to be able to easily and quickly use your Legic card at the printers, a preliminary registration might be necessary. Proceed as follows:

1. Swipe the Legic card across the card reader

Hold the card briefly on the card reader until you hear a beeping sound. (Please do not leave the card to lay on the reader)


You'll be then prompted to register the card.

In case a dialog, different than the one depicted below, appears displaying your name in a box in the upper right corner, then your card has already been registered and you can skip the next steps.

In the event that the card reader blinks red or rejects the card, then your card has already been linked to a different unauthorized account (the standard case with student accounts). In this case you should contact ITO (via e-mail at so the incorrect pairing of the accounts can be rendered invalid.

2. Enter your username:


Currently, registering is only possible with "username" or "username" Other accounts aren't supported at present.

3. Enter your respective password.


Your name should be displayed in the upper right area. You'll now be able to log in with your card.

About the cards

We support three types of cards regarding registration on the printers:

  1. The new employee IDs
  2. Guest copy cards (to be acquired at the ITO)
  3. Studentenwerk's mensa cards

(During printing the cards serve identification purposes. Your mensa credit remains untouched in the process.)

In order for you to be able to log in, our system should know which card belongs to you. If it's not familiar with the card, you'll be prompted to carry out a one-off registration (see above).

You can check whether you have a card registered on your name on ucentral. You can check whether you have a card registered on your name on ucentral. If that's not the case, you can register it on the printers.


The deregistration (e.g. in case the card has been linked to the wrong account) can be carried out only by the ITO, since no such function is implemented on the printers.

Please write an e-mail to the ITO ( in order to deregister your card by notifying us of the card's Legic-ID and the wrongly linked ITO username. In this example, the Legic-ID has been marked in red:


Possible problems and solutions

Card reader blinks red when the card is placed atop

If the card reader simply blinks red upon laying the card on top of it without exhibiting any further behaviour, then the card has been registered on a different account, which isn't authorized to print. That's the standard case with all student accounts.

Solution: Deregister the card at the ITO (see above) and/or inform your chair administrator/IT-Support so that a printing cost centre is allocated to your user account.

Another user is logged in when the card is laid on the reader

This usually occurs due to following event sequence:

  1. User lays their card on top of the reading device
  2. Card hasn't been registered yet -> Printer displays a registration dialog
  3. User doesn't know how to proceed and leaves without interrupting the login dialog
  4. Second user approaches the printer and sees the login dialog
  5. Second user enters their login credentials into the dialog -> printer registers the card of the first user on the account of the second

Furthermore, the Xerox-printers might detect an identification number of another card that is identical to the Legic-ID. This affects for example most credit cards. It's not guaranteed that all these numbers are allocated free of overlap; this means an unrelated card can be registered as well (also accidentally, e.g. even when a wallet containing different cards is held upon the card reader). If a Legic-Card with the same ID is laid onto the device, the user who's registered the other card, gets logged in instead.

Solution: deregister your card at the ITO (see above).