Webmail Upgrade 2016: User Information

Last modified by Thomas Walter Erbesdobler on 2023/07/05 17:36

German version: Benutzerhinweise zur Webmailumstellung 2016

In December 2016 the RBG performed a webmail server upgrade. Here you can find information about this change.

Potential Problems

If you experience severe problems with the new webmail installation, please note that the old installation will be available at https://webmail.informatik.tu-muenchen.de until we finalise the upgrade.

The old wml.ma.tum.de mathematics webmail is also available at The HTTPS warning must be ignored to use the site.

User data and preferences for mathematics users

Unfortunately, user data and preferences could not be migrated from the old wml.ma.tum.de instance. Please migrate your settings manually or contact RBG. (Send E-Mail to rbg@in.tum.de)

Display of Mailboxes / IMAP Folders with many emails

If large mailboxes cannot be displayed, restrict the number of e-mails shown using the "Rows per page" settings in the "Mailbox View" Section of the Settings.

When a sort column is selected (by clicking on a column header or using the sort settings dialog), a search index must be built or updated on the server. This will take a long time in mailboxes with many emails, regardless of the "Rows per page" setting. Roundcube may time out with an error message while the index is being updated.

Please consider disabling the sort feature (emails will be sorted by arrival then) or regularly archiving old email to another IMAP folder to keep the number of emails in folders you access regularly under 500.

New Features

Spam Learning

Roundcube Toolbar Spam Buttons:

 mail_spam.png  When you use the "Mark as Junk" button, selected emails are moved to the Junk mailbox selected in the user settings. Additionally, they are copied to a special directory where emails are analyzed to improve the quality of the spam classification system.
 mail_notspam.png  Conversely, when you use the "This message is not junk" button, emails are moved to the Inbox and also copied for analysis.

Please note: The e-mail analysis is done automatically. However, because the quality of the analysis must be monitored, we reserve the privilege to view these emails without prior notice.
Please keep that in mind if you use the "This message is not junk" button on personal emails. Of course all of this e-mail is treated as confidential and only used for the spam classification.

To use the spam classification feature to its fullest extent, we suggest that in addition to the folder "Spam" you create a folder called "Spamverdacht" (Spam suspected) and set up the Junk-Folder settings at ucentral to file mail with a spam score higher than 3 into "Suspicious" and with a spam score higher than 7 into "Spam".

E-Mails that are not allowed to be reported as spam:

  • Mailing list mail

Please only report real spam: Unsolicited advertisements, Phishing, scams, etc.

General rule of thumb: If there is a chance that someone might actually want to receive a specific sort of e-mail, do not report it as spam.

Other information

Create IMAP Folders

To create new IMAP folders, use the "Folders" tab in the Settings view. Click the "+" in the lower left corner of the folder list. Always select a Parent folder.

Select special folders

To select e.g. a folder for spam, use the "Special Folders" section in the "Preferences" tab of the Settings view. Select a folder for Junk there.