RStudio Server

Last modified by Thomas Walter Erbesdobler on 2023/06/29 16:19

A Server is set up on and RStudio.
You can access it via browser. Go to

and navigate out of Rechnerhalle.


navigate out of the mathematics network.


To access the RStudio Server from outside the Rechnerhalle network, an SSH Tunnel is necessary for security reasons.

Type the following in the Unix/Linux/macOS Terminal:

ssh -L8787:localhost:8787 <login>@<RStudio-Server>

Depending on ssh configurations a password may be necessary.

With Windows:

start Putty>>

Connection>SSH>Tunnels>Source Port='8787'; Destination='localhost:8787'

Then navigate to


with your brwoser.


According to RStudio Getting Started the user password is encrypted via network path RSA. Using the ssh tunnel another encryption is possibly added.


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