Group certificate

Last modified by Aysegül Omus on 2023/12/28 12:57

How can I apply for a group certificate?

1- Apply for a group certificate

Note: A group certificate can only be requested for, and e-mail addresses.

To apply for a new group certificate, send an email to with the name of the group and the email address for the group certificate (e.g. Kinderbetreuung and ). When the certificate is processed, you will receive an email to the project email address as you can see in the screenshot. Click here on the link in the e-mail.


2- Download group certificate

The Sectigo Certificate Manager page will then open. There you enter a password to protect the PKCS#12 file with your certificate and private key. You must specify it during installation.

Next, please provide a passphrase to revoke or renew the certificate. If you have accepted terms of Sectigo Client Certificate EULA, you can click Submit


In the next step you can download the certificate.