TUM mail account after end of employment/end of study

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TUM account after exmatriculation / end of employment / end of study

You could still use your TUMonline (lr89rbg@mytum.de) E-Mail Address after the end of your service/exmatriculation even if you have no right to access your TUMonline account or TUMonline E-Mail Address in web interface. To be able to receive E-Mails, you have to forward your E-Mails to another E-Mail address in the Setting of your TUMonline when you still have access to the TUMonline web interface. However, it is not possible to write any E-Mails from your TUMonline E-Mail address after the end of your services/exmatriculation.

on the following pages you could find a short manuel about how to set up the forward as a student or Employee

 TUM E-Mail account - Wiki ITO 

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