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Change your RBG-Credentials

Note: If you have forgotten your RBG (in.tum / ma.tum/cit.tum) password, you can change  it on this page yourself. In our Wiki you will find instructions for changing the RBG password.

1. Change password

You can change your RBG Credentials password on Server. (Connect via secure shell) using the command passwd.

1.1 On blackboxes in Rechnerhalle

start the terminal 

ssh %BR%passwd

1.2 On ucentral-Website

First, you need to login on with your RBG Credentials: -> and passwort -> and passwort


Select Change Password in the tab on the left.


Then enter the current password once and the new password twice in the input fields and click Submit.


1.3 Connect to the Server from your own Computer via Secure Shell

1.2.1 Linux and Mac OS

Start terminal 

ssh <RBG-Login> %BR%passwd

1.2.2 Windows

Using Windows you can connect to via secure shell with the program Putty. Click here

for instructions on how to create a SSH Connection.