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Download and Installation of Origin

As an employee of certain faculty affiliation or as a student, you are provided with the package of Origin. Besides, there are possibilities to apply for a home license or network license.

1. First Step

In the following paragraphs, the first steps for downloading Matlab will be described.

1.1. Logging in to TUMonline

First, you will need to log in to TUMonline here TUMOnline Seite ,after that click the button of \"software\" and you will find the download link for Origin in \"Futhrt Products\"



1.2. Generating the special Origin-Email-Address

Create the special Email-Address needed for the Origin download, by clicking the \"Generate\" button next to \"Origin\" and a special E-Mail address will be generated.



2.Downloading Origin Installer via Originlab

If you do not have an Origin account yet, you will have to register at the Mathworks page first.

This link will guide you to the registration page: Origin

For the registration in Originlab, please chose the upright button \"login\"  after that click the button of \"create an account\"


After that fill in the Formular and give the @origin-E-Mail-Adresse from TUM-Online in \"E-Mail Address\". After you give any username and password of your choice click the join button.


after successful registration, your account will be shown on the website and you could click the button for the download.

Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 09.48.17.png

3. Origin installation

open the file \"Origin2019Sr0No_H.exe\" and after that click the button of \"next(continue)\".

accept the license agreement.


after that chose the installation way of \"Produkt installation (using Serien Number)\" and clicken \"next(continue)\".

After that you will see this window

just give a username and fill in the Field  with the given data here correspondently; after that click \"continue\“

Then confirm the correctness of the registration information and continue the software installation, by confirming all of the following instructions with \"Next(continue)\" or \"Yes\".

after that, the software is then installed and you can finish this step with clicking \"complete\"!

The path of the user data is then output.


4. Retrieve the product key (activate key)

To request the activation key, please open the link (is available in the readme):

Enter the previously generated e-mail address and the corresponding password and click \"Log in\".


The activation key will be sent to you via email of your TUM online mail account.


5. Software activation through giving the Product Key after the first start of the program

Start origin; after starting the program for the first time, you will be asked for your activation key,
Copy this from the mail and activate the license


!OriginPro is installed for home use and activated accordingly!

6. Helpful links for Origin


https://kb.in.tum.de/question/827/license-key-fur-origin/  (only available in the MWN network)