Integrate networkdrive (Shared Folder)

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Set up access to the network drive


Connect network drive \\\lrz-identifier under Windows

You can use the Explorer and select "Extras -> Connect network drive" in the menu. Your personal folder is located under \\\ab12cde, where ab12cde is your LRZ identifier. Shared project folders of the NAS can be found under \\\tuph\ucl, where tu stands for the TU Munich, ph for the Department of Physics and ucl for the Universe Cluster.
User is "ads\ab12cde" and password is your MyTUM password (ads is the Windows domain information!).
You can also use the command line for this
net use x: \\\ab12cde <password> /USER:ADS\ab12cde

Connect network drive \\nasChairShortcut under Windows

Note: If your computer is in the NASRBG domain, the identifier must be preceded by the server name such as rbgvm35/musterma and the CIT password






Mac OS x

In MacOSX you can use "Finder" and "Mit Server verbinden...". You have to type the NAS address with a smb://-prefix, e.g. smb:// Then user and password have to be given (see section on Windows).


Connect network drive ~\~\\lrz-kennung under Windows