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My name changed. Do i have to change my in.tum login credentials? How can i change it?

The following section describes all possibilities to adjust your in.tum login credentials after your name changed.

1. What options do i have?

There are basically 3 options how you can proceed after your name changed:

All changes are voluntary. You can just keep and continue using your current login credentials.

You can only change the second Email alias:

  • The second Email alias has the form '' - The affected part will be changed to your new name.
  • If you want to use the new alias with a certificate you will need to request a new one, which includes the new Email address. More information
  • This is only possible if the new alias is available and not yet assigned to another user.
  • You can request a new in.tum account:
  • Your old user account will be deleted after one month. Your current in.tum Email will also be invalid after one month and Emails sent to your old address will be returned to the sender.
  • You can forward all Emails to your new account but only for 1 month. More information
  • You are responsible for the data migration to your new home directory (saving and importing your data and Emails to your new account)

2. Where can i request possible changes to my login credentials?

You can write us an email to

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