Installing Matlab (Guests)

Last modified by Dilay Nurlu on 2023/07/05 10:40

Ordering and using Matlab

1. Checking the authorization and downloading the ISO-File

When you go to 'Software' - 'Further products', and you can't see the special e-mail address for Matlab, like on the screen shot, it means you are registered as a guest in TUMonline. Guests are usually listed as employees in TUMonline, but have no access to the MATLAB-Sofware of the TAH-Campus Agreements.


For guests, there are special conditions for the use of Matlab, and another access to the software exists.
The Licensing Right for the TAH-Campus Agreement for use of MATLAB Software (TAH-Matlab) free of charge, for guests, looks like this:

  • Content requirements: All programms and products containing TAH-Matlab-Code, can only be used for Research and Teaching. That is very important.   If the programm contains parts of TAH-Matlab-Code, which are used by a commercial partner later on,that would be license violation!
  • Technical requirements: The Computer on which Matlab is installed and used, must be a TUM Computer. That means inventoried, financed or provided by the TUM!
  • The request regardig the ISO-File has to be send from a valid TUM-email address.(like

If you meet the terms, you can write an e-mail to and confirm.

Then you can download Matlab via You need the following login data:

  • Username: download
  • Passwort: will be communicated via telephone after the checking of the authorization.

2. Install and activate Matlab

You can install and activate Matlab as follows:

First select Create one and create a new account


Enter * as the e-mail address.

 Note: activation does not work with the e-mail address.


A confirmation e-mail will then be sent to @tum .de e-mail address or sent to another e-mail address if forwarding has been set up. In this email there is a link that should be clicked before clicking Continue.

If no email arrives, it may have ended up in the spam folder. If it is not there, please send an email to


Then set the password for the account and complete the profile with it.


You have to read the license agreement and accept them in the next step.


The next step is to select the license.


In the next window you have to select Authorize this computer now.


Then you can check if user data is correct.


You can select here the storage location of the program.


And you can choose which programs you want to install. You can also select toolboxes here.


Then there is an overview of the entire selection.


Finally, the Installation complete window appears. This completes the installation and activation of Matlab successfully.