Installing Matlab (Students/Employees)

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Downloading and using Matlab

As an employee of certain faculty affiliation or as a student, you are allowed to download and use Matlab and most of its Toolboxes. Guests of the TUM however are not allowed to do so. In case you need Matlab for research or teaching purposes, please contact In order to get started downloading you will need to log in to TUMonline.

You can check which affiliations are allowed to use Matlab, by following this link: Rahmenverträge

1. First Steps

 In the following paragraphs, the first steps to downloading Matlab will be described.

1.1. Logging in to TUMonline

 First, you will need to log in to TUMonline here TUMOnline Matlab-Page.

1.2. Generating the special Matlab-Email-Address

Navigate to Software > Further Products. Create the special Email-Address needed for the Matlab download, by clicking the generate button next to "MathWorks Matlab for Employees" or "MathWorks Matlab for Students", depending on your affiliation.



After this step your activated Matlab E-Mail-Address displayed.

1.2.1. Doublechecking the generation of the special Email-Address

If you wish to doublecheck, whether the special Matlab email-address has properly been created, please log in to TUMonline here: E-Mail Addresses.
This will show all email-addresses connected to your TUM-account.



Please note, that your mailbox setting in the red square matter.

  • If you chose Nur Weiterleitung and entered a forwarding email-address, all TUM emails will be forwarded to this address.
  • If you chose TUM Mailbox (exchange) and entered a forwarding email-address, all TUM emails will be both forwarded to your personal email address, as well as your mytum email address.
  • If you chose the second option (shown in the figure above), you can check your mytum emails, via this link: XMAIL MWN .

1.3. Unfold Mathwork Tab by clicking on the triangle

Additional information regarding Matlab (activation key, download link, login data for the download etc.) as well as instructions on how to install Matlab HowTo will be shown, by clicking on the small triangle on the left side.

1.3.1. For Students



1.3.2. For Employees



2. Downloading Matlab Installer via Mathworks Portal

If you do not have a Mathworks account yet, you will have to register at the Mathworks page first.

Note: Please wait a few minutes after you have generated your special e-mail address for Matlab in TUMOnline until the new address is known in the mail system. Otherwise you will not receive a confirmation email from Mathworks. If this is the case, contact Mathworks Support so that they can send you the confirmation email again.

This link will guide you the the registration page: Mathworks






3. Installing Matlab

3.2 choose version.png

3 choose os.png


1 run.png

2 give email.png

3 password.png

4 terms and coniditions.PNG

5 license.png

6 Authentizierung.PNG

7 confirm user.png

8 destination.PNG


9 select options.PNG

10 begin install.png


4. FAQ

The answers to the following questions can be found in our Knowledge Base, which is accessible in the MWN (University) Network. You can use AnyConnect in order to access the MWN network externally.