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Computer systems FMI


The majority of the computer systems in the FMI building consists of small black Dell boxes, on which two operating systems can be used - Windows 10 (Windows) und Xubuntu (Linux).

Computer hall (Rechnerhalle) + Computer labs: Windows + Linux 

Games computer labs: Windows

 System Login and Password Operating system
 Computer hall + Computer labs  Linux: <ito-login><ito-password>
Windows: <ito-login> <windows-password>
 Linux (Xubuntu)

Windows (Windows 10)
 Games computer labs   Windows: <ito-login> <windows-password>  Windows 


In order to boot up Linux, log in with the following account:

 Login  <ito-login>  
 Password  <ito-password> 

In the computer halls you can find black Dell computers with Ubuntu and Windows OS on them. You can select the desired operating system upon start up. If you'd like to switch the OS, you have to shut down the computer (Linux: Shut down / Windows: Herunterfahren/Neu starten) and press any key on the keyboard.


In order to boot up Windows, the following log in credentials are to be used: 

 Login  <ito-login>  
 Password  <windows-password>
To activate the Windows account or set a password, you have to log in to ucentral with your rbg account name and corresponding password and follow the Windows Reset Password instructions.

Games Labs

In the Games labs you also ought to log in using your Windows credentials. You can set your password on ucentral and activate your account. 

 Login  <ito-login> 
 Password  <windows-password>