Drucken über Qpilot

Last modified by Fedi Abichou on 2023/07/05 16:20

Printing via the web in Qpilot

Note: You need VPN (Anyconnect or VPN Chair) to open the Qpilot Website.

Employees and students of mathematics and computer science can use the web interface and  Qpilot, and collect the print jobs at the Xerox printers, if

 employees/guests and hiwis have an ITO account and the print account has been added to the ITO account. 

  • Students have an ITO account and have bought quota from the Fachschaft.

 Note : All students get 50 pages every semester for free. You can check your credit in the Rechnerhalle: Open terminal -> ssh ITO-login@lxhalle.in.tum.de -> lpquota or on the blackbox under Menu -> System -> Print Quota

Logging into Qpilot

You log into the page with the ITO ID and the corresponding password.


Upload documents for printing Select !MobilePrint on the home page.


Then you can upload documents by double-clicking or dragging the file to be printed into the field shown. These can then be printed on the desired printer after logging in. ( one time https://xwiki.rbg.tum.de/bin/view/Informatik/Benutzerwiki/XeroxDruckerKarteEinrichtungen] [register registiration of the card or the transponder on the respective printer is required).


Show print jobs

On the main page or in the dropdown menu under Services you can click on Printjobs and display all print jobs.




 Notes :

 Only PDF files are accepted as print jobs.

 It is not possible to make changes to the print job such as color, format, etc. when print jobs are sent via Qpilot. 

For more information on printing you can visit our wiki web page: https://xwiki.rbg.tum.de/bin/view/Informatik/Benutzerwiki/XeroxDrucker