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 Function condition
 Print / Print from USB  You need a CIT account to print from the black boxes or the web interface. You also need contingent.
 copy  Works directly on the printer, this requires a student card with a charged credit. 
 Scan to e-mail  Anyone can scan and work with any e-mail address.  
 Scan to USB  Works directly on the printer.
 Print from USB Only USB sticks with FAT or FAT32 file systems are supported. 

Printing in the Computer Labs

To print in the Computer Labs you should log in first to the Blackbox. In the 'kleine Rechnerhalle' (00.07.023), there are two
printers. However, you can use any Xerox Printer in the FMI, Garching Hochbrueck, and Galileo. To be able to print you must have a print Quota which you can buy from the Fachschaft. You also get 50 pages free per semester.

Where can I buy Print Quota?

You can buy your Print Quota from the Fachschaft. For more information you can visit the Fachschaft website Fachschaft website.

You can check if your print Quota is credited, by typing the following command in Terminal


At the beginning of the semester, students receive 50 pages for free. (E.g. for matriculation certificate for the MVV, etc.). Just check the exact number of available pages by using lpquota.

++ Ubuntu

The command lpquota runs on the lxhalle and in the computer labs with Linux operating system. Just enter the command lpquota in the terminal.

If you want to remotely access the Ubuntu account and see if there is enough print contingent, you can start an ssh connection to lxhalle and run the command lpquota.

The following commands are entered in the terminal:
ssh username@lxhalle.in.tum.de lpquota

++ Windows

On the black boxes with the Windows operating system in the computer halls, you can look up the print contingent by entering the following commands in the command prompt:
putty username@lxhalle.in.tum.de lpquota
If you want to access the Windows account from home and query the print contingent, you can use Putty to establish a remote connection and enter the command lpquota.

Here is how to build an SSH (Secure Shell) connection to lxhalle with Putty.
After logging in, you can enter the command lpquota in the puTTY prompt.

 Example (for user 'nobody'):

 nobody@lxhalle: $ lpquota

|===== Abfrage des Druckerquotas fuer 'nobody' =====|

      Kontingent 300 Seiten


Pages are counted by the printers and quota system. In duplex mode (default) the count is per printed side of the paper. Color pages count double that of black and white pages. A3 pages count as two A4 pages. The page count will be displayed on the card reader during printing and changes accordingly.

please print PDF-Files with  Document Viewer on Linux

Available printers

Please visit the Wiki for more information about printing.

The print jobs can be printed out at any Xerox Printer in the FMI, Garching Hochbrueck, and Galileo. Just put your Card on the card reader and select 'Druckjobliste' or 'Alles Drucken' on the display.

Printing options

You have the following possibilities to print documents:

. Save the document on a USB stick and print directly from the printer. All settings can be edited on the printer.

. Print the document directly from CIT account. In the PDF editor go to File > Print and adjust the desired settings. In the next section, you will find more information on how to edit settings.

. You can print documents via https://qpilot.rbg.tum.de**. However, please note that the settings can only be edited on the printer. No settings can be edited on the qpilot website.

. You can print documents from your personal computer via the terminal with the command. ssh login@lxhalle.in.tum.de lpr < docname.pdf If double-sided or white/black is desired, the following parameters must be provided. ssh login@lxhalle.in.tum.de lpr -o sides=two-sided-long-edge -o JCLColorCorrection=BlackWhite < docname.pdf  

Printing using various programs

Printing with Document Viewer (Linux):

The first clues to the error can already be found here

The print menu can be called up with FilePrint (Alternativ: Strg+P).

*First setting:

When you're printing for the first time, some default settings need to be changed, otherwise the printers will not be able to print your received job. These are the settings for page size and Paper source. Since the printers are loaded with A3 and A4 size paper, error messages sometimes occur if the job was not sent in either format. And since the paper size is clearly linked to the paper source, the default value  Tray 1 (A3) is not always correct. It should be configured as follows:


 Adjust color:

If you want to print in color, you should not click on Color, but on Advanced. Automatic means colored here.


 Send a print job:

As already mentioned in the topic Available printers, check that followme is selected before sending your Print job. In this step, you should also select the number of copies that you need.



I clicked on print, but the printer just does not print!

Case 1 - Is there enough quota?

In the Linux machines simply select Applications -> System -> Print Quota

or just enter in Terminal (in the Computer hall under Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal)
 and check how many pages are available. The output is similar to this:

|===== Abfrage des Druckerquotas fuer 'user' =====|

      Kontingent 300 Seiten

Often, problems occur when you don't have enough quota left to print a document. This must then be purchased again from the Fachschaft.

Case 2 - I have enough quota - but no expression

Has the queue followme been selected?

In some cases the printer has not been selected, a click has been made, or Print to File has been specified. In the lab currently, only the queue followme is configured.

Will you print directly from Firefox? In this case, it often helps to select Print to file ... in Firefox and create a PDF file. This can then usually be printed out without any problems.

Case 3 - I selected followme and quota - but no printout

Just have a look at our helpdesk (Kleine Rechhnerhalle 00.07.023 in the rear). It may be necessary to refill the paper or it may be a different error condition that needs to be resolved.