Datentransfer zwischen der Rechnerhalle und dem eigenen Rechner

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Data transfer between Rechnerhalle and your private computer

This article explains how to transfer data between your home-directory in the Rechnerhalle and your private computer. Depending on the operating system, various options are shown.

1. Unix/Linux/Mac OS X

1.1 Shell - Commands

To copy a file between those computers the program scp can be used.

 Copy data: private computer → Rechnerhalle

    • copy a file into the /Pictures directory in the Rechnerhalle   scp <file name>
    • Copy a directory into the /Pictures directory in the Rechnerhalle scp -r <directory name>
  • Copy data: Rechnerhalle → private computer
    • Copy a file out of /Pictures directory in the Rechnerhalle scp<file name> .
    • Copy a directory out of the /Pictures directory in the Rechnerhalle scp -r<directory name> .
  • Another option for data transfer is the program rsync, which has some useful features, mainly for transferring big data.
    • the option -P is usefule during a connection abort. During a connection abort while downloading, the incomplete file is stored on the target computer. When repeating the copy command the download continues where it left of before.
    • in addition, the download process is shown in percent
    • Copy data: Private computer → Rechnerhalle
      • copa a file into the /Pictures directory in the Rechnerhalle rsync -P <file name>
      • copy a directory into /Pictures directory in the Rechnerhalle rsync -r -P <directory name>
    • copy data: Private computer ← Rechnerhalle
      • copy a file out of the /Pictures directory in the Rechnerhalle rsync -P<filename> .
      • copy a directory out of the /Pictures directory in the Rechnerhalle rsync -r -P<directory name> .
  • the mentioned commands have a more extensive funcionality, for more information it is recomanded to read the manpages (Manual Pages) of the cmmands - you can read those with a  man in front of the command name, e.g.: man rsync  

1.2. Programs with grafical user interface

1.2.1. Cyberduck - Mac OS X

 Start Cyberduck

  • Press the Open Connection - Icon in the top left corner
  • In the following window:
    • choose SFTP 
    • Server =
    • Username = Your in.tum-Login (e.g. like muster or musterma on the screenshot)
    • Password = the according password
  • Press Connect

 Confirm the following dialogue with Allow and check the box at Always.

 Then you can see your own home-directory in the Rechnerhalle.

  • Now you can copy files and directories via drag & drop.

1.2.2. Gigolo - Ubuntu

Ubuntu-Version 16.04 LTS, which is also used on the computers into the Rechnerhalle.

  • navigate to Application  -> System and choose Gigolo. Press the icon with the two monitores.

 Please type the following in the Connect to Server - Window:

    • Service type = SSH
    • Server =
    • Port = 22
    • User Name = Your in.tum - Login
  • Press Connect .

 Now, please enter your in.tum password.

 You should now see a window with the content of your root-directory. (/)

 You can access the SFTP file, using the application -> System -> Gigolo.

Creating !HowTo we used Windows 10 x64.

1.2.3. WinSCP - Windows

winSCP portable

 Install WinSCP (current version 5.7.3, status 20.11.2015)

  • Start the program
  • With WinSCP AnmeldungSitzung enter the following:
    • Computername =
    • Port = 22
    • Username = Your in.tum - Login
    • Password = Password for your in.tum - Access
  • You can press save to save the settings for your profil, which you can use again
  • Press anmelden


 Eventuelly you have to  confirm the following with yes.

 You should see the user interface with 2 windows side by side now.

  • The left window contains the files on your computer and the right one the files in your home directory in the Rechnerhalle. 
  • Now you can copy file by drag & drop.

 A dialogue is shown, in which you have to confirm the target directory again. 

  • Pressing choose  you can change the target directory. 
  • To copy the file press OK.

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