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Setting Up E-Mail Clients

This article describes how to setup an e-mail client. Information regarding the e-mail account can be found here.

1. Summary of the important Information

Port pops 995
Port imaps 993
Port smtps 465
Login ITO-Login
Passwort Your Password
  • All connection are encripted with the above mentioned values.
  • An Import of the ITO-CA certificates into the clientsoftware is recommended.For instructions please check here.

2. E-Mail Clients:

2.1. Ubuntu - Thunderbird

Thunderbird is already installed and preconfigured on the black boxes with Linux operating systems.

The following is configured:
 ITO CA, server CA and user CA root certificates
 Incoming mail server imap:// with TLS with the current ITO ID as login and as sender address
 Outgoing mail server smtp:// with TLS without user authentication. (Which is not necessary within the TU.)
 ITO LDAP server to search for e-mail addresses and user certificates.

First click on Edit and then on Account Settings.


In the opened window click on Accounts Actions* and then on Add Email Account


Enter your name, your ITO e-mail address and the associated password and click Set up manually on.


Then enter the data as shown in the screenshot and click on Test again. Finally, click Done


2.2. Windows

2.2.1. Windows - Thunderbird

Download and install Thunderbird from
 The setup follows the same steps as the setup for Linux systems described in section 2.1.

2.2.2. Windows - Outlook 2016

Start Microsoft Outlook and click on Next.

Select Yes and click on Next.

If other e-mail addresses have already been setup in Outlook, the welcome window will not open up. In this case access the setup window through the menu FileAccount SettingsE-MailNew

Choose manual configuration and click on Next.


Choose 'POP or IMAP' and click on Next.

Fill out the form with your account information and click on More Settings.


The server name for mathematics accounts is


Click on Outgoing server and then The outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.


In the tab Advanced activate the SSL encoding for incoming and outgoing servers and choose Port 465 for the outgoing server, before clicking on OK.


Now cklick on Next.

The account setup will then be tested. After a successfull test, click on Close and then on Finish.

2.2.2. Windows - Outlook 2019

Open the program and click File



Click Add account.



Enter your  ITO  (@ de) email address and click Connect



Enter the password for the ITO email address and click Connect at. 



The email account has been set up. Click OK to complete the process.



You can check the settings and change your name by first clicking on the tab at the top right File and in the opened window click on Account settings




Open your ITO account with a double click. 


Then you will see the settings. Here you can check whether the server settings are configured correctly and correct your display name.
Click Next



The settings are being tested. If it is successful, the changes are applied. Then click Close


Afterwards close the open window by clicking Finish.


2.3. Mac OS

2.3.1. Mac OS - Apple Mail

Start Apple Mail and click on Mail → Add Account...


Choose Other Mail Accounts and click on Continue.


Fill out the form with the name, that an email recipient should see, the e-mail address and the corresponding password and cklick on Sign In


Fill out the upper part of the from with your e-mail address and in-tum credentials. In the lower part choose the Account Type IMAPand fill out the Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server.


The Servername for a mathematics account is


Finally, choose which apps should use this account. You can choose either both apps or the Mail app only (if you do not need the Notes app). Click on Done to finish the setup.


2.3.2. Mac OS - Outlook 2019

Click on the Outlook tab in the program above and select Settings from the list. 

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 17.13.07a.png

Then select Accounts in the opened window.

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 17.13.24a.png

If you haven't added an email account yet, see in the button Add Account in the middle of the window. To add an email account you can click on this button or the + sign and select New account ....

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 17.13.46a.png

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 17.17.53a.png

Enter the email address of the account to be added and click on Continue

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 17.18.11intumenteremail.png

Then fill in the input fields in the next window as follows:
 E-Mail address: ITO email address
 Username: ITO ID (in.tum / ma.tum)
 Password: ITO password (in.tum / ma.tum)
 Account type: IMAP
 Incoming server:
 Outgoing server:

Select Use SSL to connect for both servers and click on Add EMail account.

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 22.57.24intumimap.png

The account has now been added. You can add more accounts or complete the process by clicking the Done button. 

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 17.16.54 copya.png

2.4. Iphone

Open Settings on your iPhone and select Mail.


Click on Accounts.


Select Add Account.


Select Other as account type.


Select Add Mail Account.


Enter your ITO ( e-mail address and the associated password and click on Next.


Enter the settings as shown below and click Next.


Then you can click Save and complete the setup of the ITO email account.



 For problems regarding or email addresses, please contact