How can I order something via the order form? (CIT)

Last modified by Leonardo Comin on 2023/07/06 11:40

This section describes how to place orders, obtain quotes, and request repairs via the SSP Portal. Employees and chair admins of the faculties of computer science and mathematics have access to the order form.


You can log in to with ITO (cit.tum) credentials. If you have a valid certificate, you can click Login below and log in with the certificate.


On the SSP portal there are the following options regarding the order:

1- Place an order

2- Request an quotation

3- Request a repair

4- Display open orders

5- View all orders


Place an order

When you place an order, we will order without any inquiry. Other instructions (e.g. keyboard layout other than in the item description) you can specify under item "Other information", which we will take into account when ordering.

Contact Data

Here you can select additional contact people who can also view the order history in their SSP portal.
The other contact people also receive a message about the goods receipt.



If a fund number is not in the list or the order is to be funded from multiple fund numbers, you can enter it in the field at Different Funding.

Note: Please select "Fund not in list, specify below" if a fund number is not in the list.



- In the field at item description you can write what you want to order. Please use a separate line for each item.

Here you can find some examples:

- If two almost identical notebooks are ordered where only the RAM is different, they are considered as two different items.

- If devices to be inventoried are used in different rooms, they are considered as two different items.

- If a webshop with 10 items has been created for approval, the 10 items should also be listed here.

You are welcome to add example links to avoid confusion, Currently the links can only be added at the item description.





Here you can specify the inventarization declaration as in the order form.

New inventarization

Please select Re-inventory here if ALL of the following apply:

  1.      Item is independently usable and movable (including software); For example, a closet is already movable, but a house is not.
  2.      Useful life strictly longer than one year
  3.      Acquisition costs (incl. shipping, customs etc.) potentially larger than 250€ net

Info on the Buildings:

FMI = 56+finger (e.g. 5604 for finger 04 in Boltzmannstraße 3).
Parkring 11-13 = 8101
Schleißheimerstrasse 90a = 8111

You can find all TUM locations in TUM-Online under Search -> Rooms


Expansion expenditure

Please select Expansion expenditure here, if e.g. hard disks in the server are replaced by larger ones or the usage has changed.


Immediate expenditure

Please select re-inventory here if One of the following applies:

  1.      Maintainance effort; e.g adapting to technical progress, repairs, wearing parts
  2.      Useful life is less than or exactly one year
  3.      Acquisition costs (incl. shipping, customs etc.) certainly smaller or equal to 250€ net


Unit under construction

Allocation of a temporary inventory number required. Please contact the Service office Finances after placing the order.


Further details

E.g. web store number of framework agreements; changed keyboard layout, if applicable; EU project reference; etc.


Here you can attach offers already obtained and, if necessary, documents relevant to the order.


Get a quote







Repair request