ITO Account verlängern

Last modified by Begüm Balat on 2023/07/14 11:51

Account after de-registration/end of study/end of employment relationship

1. What happens, when the

  1. when the account is expired, an Email from the Systemgruppe is sent, which says, that it is only one month possible to send and receive emails, if the account will not be extended.
  2.  after this month, you receive a second email, where you are informed, that the account will be deactivated soon. You have the possibility to extend your account via Ucentral for a short period of time (max 30 days). After that you have no access to this account any more, the only thing left, may be the spam filter settings.
  3.  After one month more the account will be deleted.

2. How can I extend my account?

In order for the further use of this account it is necessary that the account is switched to an assisted guest account. This happens, when the guest (former employee or former Student) goes to the chair admin.

3. When should I ask for the guest request?

It is recommended to ask for this request before the de registration or the end employment relationship

4. How long is the renewal valid?

While applying the guest account in the StrukturDB, the chair admin can see expiring date for this account and can determine how long the validity of this account