Scan to USB with the XEROX Work Centre 7835

Last modified by Thomas Walter Erbesdobler on 2023/07/06 16:24


 Only USB flash drives with FAT oder FAT32-filesystems are supported. USB flash drives wih other file systems (NTFS, exFAT, EXT, HFS, etc.) are recognized, but they are neither read nor writeable.

Further information about this issue can be found here.


For Scan to USB no registration is required on the device.

If the the device is in the power saving mode (green light on the right side), the device can be waked up by pressing this button.


1. Plug in the USB flash drive

The USB flash drive is plugged in to the USB Port, which is on the left side of the display.


You can choose between E-Mail and Workflow-Scan.


2. Choose Workflow-Scan

3. Choose Profile „USB“


The default settings are sufficient for the most of the use cases, but they can be adjusted as needed.

The settings are mostly self explanatory. But it is recognized to assign an individual name for the file.

Searchable PDF:

If the document contains mostly text and you want to use it, to e.g. copy some phrases you should make the document searchable. (OCR). Activate the tab „Ablage“ and choose „Dateiformat“.

You can switch from „nur Bild“ to „Durchsuchbar“ and select the language of the text.

By selecting this option, the duration of scanning a image will be a lot of longer.


4. Insert the original document

- Document Feeder:

At the Document Feeder the written side is on top.

- Glass scanner surface:

At glass scanner surface the written side is on the bottom.


At the glass scanner surface the edge of the paper must be where the arrow is. The turquoise scale shows the different paper sizes.

5. Press Start-Button


6. Waiting till scanning is finished.


One should not simply pull out the USB flash drive too early!

7. When the process is finished, pull out the USB flash drive and do not forget your original documents.