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Printing from USB stick with the XEROX Work Center 7835


The document to be printed must be in PDF (unencrypted), TIFF, PS, or XPS format. PDF version 1.4 has been tested successfully.

The document must be copied to a USB stick. Subdirectories are allowed.
More information about permissible USB sticks here.


Pass your card over the card reader. The first time you use it, you may need to use Register
Registration without a card is also possible.


When the device is in sleep mode (green light on the right), it will be automatically woken up by the login.

Your user ID will now be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Insert in USB-Stick

The USB stick is plugged into the socket provided to the left of the operating screen.


After inserting the USB stick, the choice between scanning and printing appears.


3. print from USB & choose

After selecting & quot; Print from USB & ldquo; the files appear on the USB stick. Only files in PDF, TIFF, PS, or XPS format, as well as the directories are displayed.

4. Select file

Select the file you want to print. Use the arrow keys on the right to access files further down the list.


5. Parameter setting

Set the desired parameters.


6. Set the number of copies


The desired number of copies to be printed can be set by the number pad to the right of the screen. The value is displayed on the screen at the right side of the tab next to the & quot; USB Job & quot; tab. displayed. The & quot; C & quot; key of the numeric keypad can be used to correct for erroneous entries.

If no value is entered, only one copy will be printed.

7. Press green button


8. sign out

You can log out either by using the card again, by using the logout button or automatically after a few seconds.


Please do not forget the USB stick.