Copying with XEROX WorkCentre 7835

Last modified by Fedi Abichou on 2023/07/05 16:25

Basic Copy

1. Login

Swipe your card across the card reader. It is possible that you have to register your card when you use it for the first time. You can also login without a card by using your RBG credentials and password.

You can find instructions for card registration by clicking on this link.


2. Insert the sheet(s)

-Document feeder:

Insert your sheet(s) in the document feeder.


Put the page you want to copy on the scanner glass.


The sheet has to be in contact with the edge on the top left end (arrow). The teal scale will show you the document size.

3. Select 'Copy'


4. Adjust settings


You can select the preferred color (black/white or color) and single-(1-1) or double sided printing. If you don't need a colored copy, please select black/white for saving costs.

5. Adjust number of copies

 You can adjust the number of copies by using the numeric pad on the right side. You can check the value on the right top end of the screen. You can press the 'C'-button to correct your input.

The default value is '1' copy.


6. Press the green button


7. Logout

In order to logout just swipe your card once again across the card reader, press on the logout button or wait 30 seconds until the automatic logout process is initiated.


Don't forget your sheets in the document feeder or scanner.

Further controls

You will be automatically logged out after 30 seconds of inactivity. Your changed settings will be lost.



Press the button 'AC' to restore default settings. Current printing/copying jobs won't be interrupted. Pressing this button two times will activate the main menu.



Terminates the current printing/copying job.
Use this button to cancel a false or faulty printing/copying job.



Use this button to logout. Particularly, if you want to leave the printer while printing a large job. The button shines green if a user is logged in.

The printer has a stand-by mode and will be automatically wake up after logging in (i.e. swiping the card across the card reader)

Your ITO-credentials will be displayed at the top right end of the screen.